Church Accounting Software Features

We've said a few times on this site that not all church accounting software is built equally. Some software has more features than you or your church would ever care for, while other software may not have what you need. Be careful when purchasing church software because some software comes in a one package has it all deal while other software only does specific procedures.

Church Management Systems Versus Church Accounting Software

It turns out that some software exists that does just about everything for your church. These software packages are usually entitled "Church Management Software." These management softwares take care of membership issues (attendance, converts, etc.). They also manage the finances at your church (offerings, taxes, etc.). We've even seen some church management software that has features that track upcoming events in your church--choir rehearsals, dinners, and church services.

On the other hand we have seen websites that sell their wares separately. For example they sell what they call a "People Suite" that will keep track of membership or a "Financial Suite" that keeps track of finances. It is important to note that these companies are selling them separately: if you buy the people suite you aren't getting any financial suite products. This can be compared to buying Microsoft Word separate from Microsoft Excel. They don't exactly do the same thing.

So our word of caution is to make sure that what your buying performs all of the functions you want it to. We tend to lean towards the One-Package-Does-it-all solutions, but we can see some reasons for buying separately (perhaps better functionality).