Full Table of Contents

In order to give you an idea about what's in my new course I've listed the table of contents here. You can also take a look at this page to see what's inside the course. I think it will be helpful for a lot of churches.

Book 1: Step-by-Step Guide to Church Accounting

Legal Disclaimers (Please Read Before Starting Lessons)

Part I: Obtaining a Vision of your Church's Accounting System

Lesson1: Introduction and Legal Disclaimers

Lesson 2: The Goals of Church Accounting

Lesson 3: The Church Accounting Cycle of Doom

Lesson 4: Transactions Happen

Part II: Learn How to Create Journal Entries for Church Transactions

Lesson 5: Introduction to Journal Entries

Lesson 6: Debits and Credits

Lesson 7: Common Journal Entries for Churches

Lesson 8: Revenue and Expense Journal Entries for Churches

Lesson 9: Closing Journal Entries for Churches

Lesson 10: What are Ledgers?

Lesson 11: Understanding and Creating a Trial Balance

Lesson 12: How to Make Adjusting Journal Entries

Part III: Everything You Need to Know about Fund Accounting (and then some)

Lesson 13: Two Types of Fund Accounting? Understanding Fund Accounting

Lesson 14: How to Account for Restricted Contributions

Part IV: Church Financial Statements

Lesson 15: The Statement of Financial Position

Lesson 16: The Statement of Activities

Lesson 17: Cash Flow Statement

Lesson 18: Year End Church Contribution Statement

Book 2: Start to Finish Guide for Using QuickBooks for Your Church

Part I: Setting up QuickBooks for a Church

Lesson 19: Introduction/Why QuickBooks?

Lesson 20: Setting up QuickBooks for your Church

Lesson 21: Chart of Accounts

Lesson 22: How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts for your Church

Lesson 23: How to Track Programs and Funds with QuickBooks

Part II: Entering Journal Entries and Creating Financial Reports in QuickBooks

Lesson 24: How to Enter Journal Entries (Transactions) in QuickBooks

Lesson 25: 18 Transactions Covered in this Book

Lesson 26: Entering Donations the Right Way

Lesson 27: Entering Temporarily Restricted Donations into QuickBooks

Lesson 28: Basic Reporting

Lesson 29: Handling Permanently Restricted Donations

Lesson 30: Managing Pledges

Lesson 31: Pledge Receivable Reporting

Lesson 32: Entering Bank Deposits in QuickBooks

Lesson 33: Long Term Assets and Depreciation

Lesson 34: Entering Bills and Expenses (Direct Disbursement Method)

Lesson 35: Entering Bills and Expenses (Billing Method)

Lesson 36: Entering Program Expenses (Temporarily Restricted)

Lesson 37: Payroll

Lesson 38: How to Allocate Expenses to Programs

Lesson 39: Creating a Year-End Donor Statement within QuickBooks

Lesson 40: Wrapping Up

Appendix: SFAS 116 and 117 GAAP Reporting with QuickBooks

Lesson 41: Introduction

Lesson 42: Creating a GAAP Compliant Statement of Activities in QuickBooks

Lesson 43: Creating a GAAP Compliant Statement of Financial Position in QuickBooks

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  1. How is this tutorial done? Can I start and stop when I want. If so, how will I go back to where I left off? About how many hours is the tutorial? I’d like to be able to refer back to information I’ve learned. How is this available?

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