Church Bulletins

A good church bulletin can really set the proper mood for a meeting. In addition to setting the mood, church bulletins can be helpful for keeping the religious meeting on track. It helps those in charge of the meeting to stay focused and it helps those participating to know what to expect. We will continue to work on this page to provide you with information and resources to help you with your bulletins.

How much do church bulletins cost?

Most of the time these programs are sold in packs of 50 or 100. The cost is going to vary a bit depending on the quality of paper and the design. High-quality, magazine style bulletins are going to be a bit more expensive than average. In addition, if the designer has invested significant time and effort into the design, then there could be a premium on the price of the product. That being said the average price is around four dollars for a pack of 50 bulletins.

Do I need a new church bulletin every week?

Only you and the church leaders know the answer to this question. Some churches opt to only use bulletins on special occasions. Others use them every week. One option for those looking to save a little money is to make your own church bulletins for normal meetings and spend a little extra to have experts make them for special events like Easter and Christmas.

Church Bulletin Templates

There are a lot of free templates out there that can get you started. The truth is that it is pretty easy to make these bulletins. We will be providing more information in the future about how to do so.

Church Bulletin Covers

A good cover can go a long way. Once you have your template made up, making a cover is easy. Simply find an image (or make one yourself) and place it on the front of your bulletin. There is a lot of free non-commercial clipart out there that you can use for your bulletin cover. Here is a good resource:

The following is a great example that you could use for making your own bulletin. This is a two-fold church bulletin (keep in mind that some people like the 3-fold (both have their advantages and disadvantages). The first image below represents one side of the bulletin. Imagine folding this paper in half (the right side would be used for the outer cover).

Church bulletin cover

The second image here represents the other side of the paper that you are using for your bulletin. This can be a bit trick at first, but once you have done it a couple of times it is quite easy to understand. This image is what people would see on the inside of your bulletin.

A church bulletin template

Good luck on your quest for providing valuable information to those who visit your church. It's probably worth mentioning that there are some church management software programs out there that can help with church bulletins. This software can organize your information and in some cases it comes with a bulletin creation feature.