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QuickBooks Non Profit Review

Recently, a lot of questions have arisen about the usefulness of QuickBooks as church accounting software. The following is an unbiased review of using QuickBooks for your Church’s accounting. QuickBooks has multiple versions of accounting software. They don’t have any software that is specifically named “Church accounting software.” They do however have a QuickBooks Nonprofit […]

Shelby Systems Review

Shelby Systems Interview

Recently, I was very fortunate to come into contact with the great people over at Shelby Systems. Shelby has been a major player in the church management and accounting software field for a long time now (since 1976). They were gracious enough to let me interview them today. Questions for Shelby Systems Nate: What separates […]

cost of quickbooks for church accounting

The Cost of Using QuickBooks for Your Church

I get a lot of excellent questions about using QuickBooks for church accounting purposes on my website. One of the most recent questions I received was about the true monthly cost of using QuickBooks. This really got me thinking and I decided to put together a document that hopefully clearly outlines the cost of using […]

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Learn Church Accounting

Full Table of Contents

In order to give you an idea about what’s in my new course I’ve listed the table of contents here. You can also take a look at this page to see what’s inside the course. I think it will be helpful for a lot of churches. Book 1: Step-by-Step Guide to Church Accounting Legal Disclaimers […]

individual donor statement example

Lesson 39: How to Create a Year End Donor Summary Statement in QuickBooks

This post is an excerpt from the course (the QuickChurch Accounting Course) I teach about church accounting and using QuickBooks. My hope is that you will see how useful the information I divulge in the course is and hopefully end up joining for a one time fee of $29.95. You can read more about the […]

basic payroll for QuickBooks

Adding Basic Payroll to QuickBooks – Not the Online Version

So I’ve received a few questions lately about how to get the basic or enhanced versions of QuickBooks instead of the online versions. The confusion stems from two sources: 1. QuickBooks is pushing people towards the online version. 2. Even the standard CD versions of QuickBooks Payroll are paid for on a subscription basis. The […]

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