Adding Basic Payroll to QuickBooks – Not the Online Version

So I've received a few questions lately about how to get the basic or enhanced versions of QuickBooks instead of the online versions. The confusion stems from two sources:

1. QuickBooks is pushing people towards the online version.

2. Even the standard CD versions of QuickBooks Payroll are paid for on a subscription basis. The rationale behind the subscription is that the tax rates and forms are constantly being updated by QuickBooks so they are charging for their continuous service.

First look for this item within your version of QuickBooks.

basic payroll for QuickBooks

Then you’ll see this window.

basic or enhanced

If you’re looking for the basic option, then you’ll need to click on “I want my accountant to pay and file my payroll taxes.” Your accountant doesn’t actually have to do this for you (many people do this without the help of an accountant).

Then you’ll see this window.

closing window

And there you have it, the basic payroll option.

Leave any questions below.