Is your church accounting system safe online?

Anytime you have information stored online there is some inherent risk. That is not saying that we should avoid putting our information online, but we should always be cautious. Having your church's accounting system online can be dangerous for a couple of reasons that will be discussed below.

1. Internet Security Issues

A hacker could maliciously enter your online database that contains all of your important church management information and steal or delete the information. We won't get into the technical jargon of how they might accomplish this, just know that they can.

2. Your Online Software Company Goes Out of Business

If you have your information stored online through one of the many online software systems, then you run the risk of your online software provider going out of business and trashing your data.

We're not saying we're completely against having all of your church management data online, but we recommend caution when this information is online. Always have a physical backup of your church accounting software data.